How Does Blogging Help SEO?

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When you have a mind-boggling question, what do you do? SEARCH. When it comes to searching for websites, search engine optimization helps people find these. That alone is a hard task, and that is where blogging comes in.

Check out 4 major reasons why it’s good to have a blog on your website!

  1. A blog makes people stay longer and helps you connect with your audience.

If people find what they’re looking for in your blog, people will stay longer and have a reason to come back. When people search, click your website, and stay for awhile, — it will tell Google that your website is helpful to what they searched. To sum it all up, the amount of time people spend on your website is a ranking factor.

A blog is also the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience. Produce exciting and informative content with relevant topics in your niche. This way, you could intrigue potential clients while incorporating some keywords to improve ranking. 

  1. A blog keeps your website updated.

Keep things fresh in your website! Having an updated blog will signal your visitors that your website is active and is being monitored regularly. On top of that, people would love to read a few things while they’re on your site just so they could get a vibe from your business. It could even be an opportunity for conversion.

  1. A blog is a great place for long-tail keywords and internal linking.

SEO is big on keywords, and one of its biggest goals is to incorporate the most relevant keywords in the content for the website and to rank high for it.

Long-tail keywords are very important for SEO strategies. A lot of brands nowadays prefer to use long-tail keywords since searches show that people use four words or more. With that said, it will be quite difficult to insert long tail keywords into product pages. So, that is what blogs are for. It’s easier to fit in all kinds of keywords in a long article  — long or short, word or phrase. 

Another SEO method where blogging is helpful, is the use of internal linking. While there are other possibilities for internal linking on your website, having a blog will really boost up your progress. When you add more pages on different but relevant topics, you also add more opportunities to naturally link the pages together.

  1. A quality blog gives other sources good reasons to link back to your website.

In relation to internal links, external links are just as important but harder to acquire. If you want Google to consider your website trustworthy and authoritative, other respected sites have to link back to yours — which is easier when you have a blog.

A blog is where you can fill your website with valuable information. When another website finds your content useful, they are more likely to lead their readers to you. With that said, your content must be relevant, unique, high-quality and informative to be able to earn external links.

Starting a blog is capable of improving your chances to rank higher in search engines. Having a blog may not be a ranking factor per se, but it does help with many important ranking factors. When you have an updated quality blog with relevant topics, you could really see an edge in how your overall website looks and performs in the search engines.

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