link building

What is Link Building?

This is defined as the process of gathering hyperlinks from other websites to your own site. Hyperlinks, or simply called links, is for users to navigate between pages online. Links are said to be the currency of the internet as they like the online version of a real-life reputation.

To ensure good link building in the long run, it’s always a good idea to engage in natural link building. It may take some time and effort but the results will surely bring a big difference to your website.

There are several link building techniques, and many SEO specialists agree that link building is one of the most challenging parts of their jobs. With that said, becoming an expert in this would really get you far in this game.

Importance of Link Building in SEO

Search engines use links to discover new web pages and to help determine how well a page should rank. They crawl pages on the web and from there, they extract the content and add it to their indexes. Once that’s done, they decide if the page has quality content for it to rank well. Keep in mind that search engines also consider the number of links aside from your content. So, the more high-quality websites that link to you, the higher chance of ranking well in search results.

The discovery of the impactful links are, many people started manipulating this for their benefit. To prevent that, Google has been having regular updates to cancel out those practices. It may have worked, but it wouldn’t be considered worth it if you’re going against Google’s terms of service and risk getting deindexed.

Link Building Tips

Check out a few easy strategies on how to get another website to link to you!

  • Content creation and promotion – produce quality content with significant value for the site visitors. It can be in the form of a written article, video, poetry, music, short film, etc. Interesting content will gain attention and people will more likely spread the word more naturally and link it back to you.
  • Review & mentions – When your product or service is worth every penny, people will always remember it. Even better, they will share it with others in the form of a good review and mention you! As being online, that is very helpful to increase traffic and gain other people’s trust through someone who has already tried.
  • Links from friends and partners – Sometimes, it’s good to ask people you know to link to your site. Links from sites in the same niche or industry will have more value than links from unrelated sources.

There are many other ways to achieve link building which involves internal links, assigning keywords, anchoring texts and many more. Once you’ve mastered the art of link building, you will be able to witness its impact on your website.

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