monthly ranking report

Just like any kind of project, whether in school or in business, monthly reports are always a must to monitor progress, sales, and other data. It is how we assess what’s working, what needs improvement, what or who stays and goes.

The same applies in search engine optimisation. SEO covers a lot of things other than keyword research, link building, site speed, on and off page SEO, etc. How will we be able to track the progress of our hard work and monetary investments if we do not have records and analytics to keep us guided?

What is a good SEO monthly report?

When it comes to producing a substantial SEO report for clients and team members, it will be a battle of what relevant information should be included with what your client and your members would want to see. With that said, the first thing you should know is what they consider progress. Is it the better traffic generation, increased overall sales, improved rankings, or more revenue?

After finalising that, the report should be carefully made so it will be professional, straightforward, concise and easy to digest. Make sure it will remind them why they trusted you, and why they chose to invest in you out of many other SEO service companies.

Here’s a quick overview of how to make an SEO monthly report:

  • Determine objective – What’s the current goal and how is this aligned with the client’s business objectives?
  • Form hypothesis – What should you focus on to reach the goal?
  • Outline procedure – What will you do and what have you already done to hit the goal?
  • Record observations – What’s currently working and what needs to change?
  • Draw conclusions – What’s next?

It is also a good idea make comparisons with where you were before you started, and your current situation just to get a picture of how far you’ve come. This way, you will also be able to determine where and how far you still want to go and how. From there, you and the whole team will have a clear idea of the bigger and long-term goals. Creative ideas and strategic plannings will then be such a breeze to discuss. A new wave of motivation will fill the room, and everyone will be ready to work towards the latest goal.

Don’t be afraid to be as specific as possible when needed. Details matter, and every little move is important in order to move towards success, especially in search engine optimisation.

When it comes to all the dirty paperwork such as monthly reports, SEO can be very confusing and overwhelming. Well, it’s probably why there are SEO service companies that exists! Because SEO is what we do, SEO by Design will not only work to bring in results, but will also shine a light on what we are doing so you could see real time progress as we power through. Our team will provide monthly reports, not just for our clients’ awareness but also for the team to be able to monitor our work and improve along the way.