online reputation management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management

Also known as ORM, reputation management is a broad term that refers to specifically manage the online reputation of a person, place, business, site, or brand. It may sound a little bit similar to SEO, but they are actually different. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is significant to ORM, but the latter is not a part of SEO.


SEO is the creation of a website, review, vlog, gather traffic, optimise content and increase rankings. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s a whole big part underneath the surface which makes SEO anything but simple.

On the other hand, ORM is exactly what the name suggests — managing a reputation online, and SEO plays a major role to be successful in ORM. It has a basic definition and a broad scope of what it covers, but has a big impact on your online presence once done right.

Why is ORM Useful in SEO?

As they work hand in hand to get the brand or website on top of the game with a good reputation, ORM and SEO must be used to one’s advantage at all times even when negative feedback shakes it up.

“Reverse SEO” is a White Hat Technique that follows the Google’s guidelines and does regular SEO to turn things around. They say that the most basic way to manage your online reputation is prevention. How do you do this? Easy — listen to customer feedback and be responsive. Fixing small problems in a snap is so much easier than waiting for it to blow and impact you and your site negatively. When ORM is done right, everybody wins and you will have a better success rate in the long run.

10 Quick Tips on Reputation Management

  • Create a personal brand
  • Brand advertising
  • Provide quality content
  • Know about copyright issues
  • Put the customer first
  • Respond to feedback
  • Conduct online PR
  • Monitor Brand activities
  • Deal with negative SEO attacks ASAP
  • Update website regularly

When it comes to online reputation management, one must be equipped with several skills such as PR, customer service, branding, and SEO. On top of that, it would be such a bonus if it is matched with relevant experience to be able to make things happen and make the brand stand out even when competitors are trying to shake you.

Gone are the days when focusing only on one aspect of digital marketing is good enough. If you want quality results and sales conversion, start by widening your options and consider multiple things at once because in this day and age, that is how you will succeed. Time to keep up with the modern trends, are you ready?

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